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Ranger Al Updates

Current Updates
Week of November 17: Mon-Sun
Week of November 10: Mon-Sun
Week of November 4: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
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You have reached the update page for the old fire. 

Click here for the October 2007 Fires!


May 2005 -
The Mountain Kid's Christmas Fund is having their first ever mixer.  Click here to print your invitation.
Nov 2004-

Hi everyone,

I encourage everyone to get involved with the Mountain kids Christmas Fund. Bring along friends and family members to participate in this worthwhile organization that helps out our local neighbors during the holiday season.

Remember, we are the original fire relief fund that started with the 1980 Panorama Fire and continues to serve our community.

We need more volunteers. If you’ve never been involved, I encourage you to do so. It only requires a couple of days a year to do so much good.

We only have 2 to 3 meetings a year and we need your help.  Click on the link below for more information.

Rick & Carmen Beck
Mountain Kids Christmas Fund

Oct 2004- Project Cornerstone Tree II has started.  This is the reforestation program that you can order seedling giant sequoias to plant around your home to help the reforestation.  Click here for more information.


July 2004-


Yes, some of you have heard the fire trucks, some of you have seen the helicopters, some of you have seen the smoke. There are new fires burning in the San Bernardino Mountains. I will be researching the status of the fire(s) and be reporting here what I find. If any of you have information about the fires, please email dacy@fireupdate.com.

The fire is reportedly above Camp Seeley near VOE moving NorthWest. A helicopter has been dishing out of Lake Gregory to help battle the fire.

May 5-


Here's another update. Sorry I don't have time this week to update the site every few minutes like I did for the old fires. 

Temecula (Eagle) Fire- Over 8,800 acres so far burned south of Temecula.  This fire is about 60% contained.  About 100 homes have been evacuated.  Over 1,000 firefighters fighting. Over 25 structures destoyed including 14 homes. 100% Containment expected Thursday Night.

Camp Pendleton Fire- Burned over 2,000 acres.  100% contained. No buildings destroyed

Corona (Cerrito) Fire- Over 12,000 acres, 4000 homes evacuated. 7 Firefighters with minor injuries. 6 structures destoyed. 15% Contained. Richard Drew was arrested for negligently starting the fire by draging a large piece of steel behind his vehicle. Full containment is expected Friday Morning if all goes well.

May 4-


Here's a morning update: 

Temecula (Eagle) Fire- Over 4,000 acres so far burned south of Temecula.  This fire is about 10% contained.  About 100 homes have been evacuated.  Over 1,000 firefighters fighting.

Camp Pendleton Fire- Burned about 1,500 acres.  75% contained. Full containment expected by Wednesday

Corona (Cerrito) Fire- Over 5,000 acres, 4000 homes evacuated.

May 3- So, yes the Fire season started up today and we got some big fires going on.  This time they are close to me instead of close to Ranger Al.  I'll try to post information as I get it.  Dang, this could become a full time job for me.  Too bad I don't get paid. 

Temecula (Eagle) Fire- Over 2,500 acres so far burned south of Temecula.  2 buildings used by UC Riverside researchers were destroyed.  This fire is about 30% contained.  About 100 homes have been evacuated.  Over 1,000 firefighters fighting.

Camp Pendleton Fire- Burned about 1,500 acres.  Should be under control by Wednesday

Gafford Fire- East of Lake Elsinore burned about 350 acres.  340 firefighters have it about 70% contained.

Corona Fire- This one is roaring near Lake Mathews.  Not too far away from my house.  I'll get some pictures of this one to put up.

Castaic Fire- 100 Firefighters and 4 helicopters distinguished this small fire.

Dorland Mountain Colony


April 26- The San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept is looking for a man who may have set up to 6 small fires in the Crestline / Lake Arrowhead area today.  All the fires were put out before they burned even an acre each and were within a quarter mile of one another.  One of the fires could have been started by a faulty power line, but at least one of the other fires looks very suspicious.

A witness reported seeing a man wearing goggles and carrying a duffel bag near the fires. 

April 8-


A group of folks on the mountains have put together an event called From the Ground Up: A Firewise Home and Landscape Seminar. The focus is on practical information we can use to prepare our grounds and homes for the next fire.

* It's free.
* Will be on May 1 at the PAC at ROTW High School.
* Speakers are mostly UC faculty who've done fire, plant, and construction materials research for these mts.
* For all homeowners in the mts., incuding Wrightwood, Big Bear, and Forest Falls areas.

Click here for more information on this event

4:00 PM The fire is over 50% contained and full containment is expected around 6:00 PM tonight.  It burned more then 400 acres.


Fri, March 26- Looks as if we are lucky this time.  About the town meeting last night, things got a little heated when talking about letting a controlled burn get out of hand.  Keep in mind, that we are all working together here.  Lets try to be productive and move forward here.  The Forest Service learned a big lesson here that will help govern their activities in the future.


10:00 PM At least 200 acres burned so far, but I've heard as much as 500.  The fire is 20% contained as of now.  Let's hope the North Winds don't pick up tonight like has been talked about.  Right now, no structures are in danger.  I'll update things as I know them.


5:00 PM


Over 100 acres burned so far.  The Sugarloaf and Moonridge areas are receiving precautionary evacuation notices.  There is enough snow on the North slope that they do not expect a serious problem for residents.  The fire is burning toward the North East and is not currently threatening any other structures.

I will be updating this site throughout the fire.  Keep watch.  Anybody who has

The Forest Service will be hosting a community meeting tonight at 6:30 at the convention center in Big Bear.  If you go to the meeting, please report back to me what is talked about.  I will try to get Ranger Al to the meeting.  In any case, Ranger Al will be keeping his eyes and ears out for more information.  I also have lots of other people notifying me of information. 

March 25- A controlled US Forest Service fire has gotten out of hand about 2 miles south of Big Bear.  It has burned a small ski patrol shack on the Bear Mountain ski resort and the ski resorts have been evacuated.  More information will be posted as I receive it.



January 27- I am still alive.  There are still people coming to this site, but I have no information to give to you at this point.  If you have any questions, you can email me.  :)
January 1-

Happy New Year!

December 30- Attention those effected by the fires:  Janet Cozzini from Critter Sitters has over 40 pallets of pet food for your pets.  Contact her at 336-0717 or email redupthehill@earthlink.net.  She has over 100 cases of wet cat food and has even more food coming in soon.
December 25- I'm sorry to hear about the Mudslides at Saint Sophia Camp in Waterman Canyon, especially on Christmas Day.  There were many mudslides around the mountain over the holidays.  Let's hope there aren't many more.
December 20- There will be a benefit dinner for the Wildhaven Ranch Rebuilding project on Saturday the 27th.  We encourage everyone to get tickets to this event to help rebuild.  Click here for more information.
December 12- Jennifer Love Hewitt organized a great event for some of the victim's of the mountain area fires.  It was held today at Rim High School and of course Ranger Al was there!  Click here for more info.


December 11- Ranger Al wishes to thank the politicians who have presented him with recognition awards.
December 8- Reforestation Project Update- Rim of the World Masonic Lodge with several other organizations will hold 2 seminars concerning reforestation of our property. The Sequoia Gigantea will be our chosen tree. It has proven itself to grow fast in this area and is bug resistant.  To learn about and to order trees (seedlings) attend one of the seminars.  Both will be held at the Arrowhead Resort.  Saturday Dec.13 at 9:30 am or
Thursday Dec. 17 at 7:30 pm

There is a Charity Fashion Show happening this weekend in LA to help raise money for the Fire Recovery Effort.  Click here for more information.

December 7-

Here's a picture I realized I haven't put up yet.


December 6- Ranger Al got a great thank you from everyone who attended the Blue Jay Parade today.  He was very surprised to hear so many cheers as he traveled down the parade route. Thank you everyone!

Thank you to John McIntosh for these pictures.

December 4- Our adopt a fire family program is actively looking for families who were effected by the fires to be adopted for the holiday season.  Please visit our adopt a fire family page for more information.

Thanks to the people who left the Ginger Bread House on Ranger Al's doorstep!


December 3-

Ranger Al was awarded Court TV's Everyday Hero Award today at an event at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel.  The event honored a handful of "Everyday Hero's" Including:

Lt. Christine Murray of the Orange County Sheriff's Office who help the creation and implementation of the AMBER Alert System which informs citizens when a child abduction occurs.

David Katz who tackled an armed gunman who repeatedly shot an attorney outside of the Van Nuys Court House on October 31.

James Stratton with the Kern County Sheriff's Department who rescued two teenage girls who were abducted, assaulted and held at gunpoint in the hills of Kern County.

Battalion Chief Andy Menshek of the San Miguel Fire Prevention District who ran into a home engulfed with flames and rescued an elderly couple who were trapped inside.  The unconscious elderly male's clothes were already on fire but Andy was still able to save the couple.

Ranger Al was humbled to be included in group of "Everyday Hero's", and wishes to thank everyone at Court TV and Charter Communications for including him in the group.


December 3- Actress/singer Jennifer Love Hewitt has organized a Holiday Party for the residents of Lake Arrowhead who lost their homes in the fires.  The private event for those who lost their homes will be held in the next few weeks and will feature special celebrity appearances.  For more information click here.


December 3-
Ranger Al T-Shirts are selling well.  Thanks to all those who have purchased so far.  If you would like to order some, please visit our Ranger Al Gear Section.  For all those who have been asking, Ranger Al had a great Thanksgiving.  My brother and I drove him around as he delivered Thanksgiving Dinners that He and my Mother had prepared for the less fortunate.

We are currently looking for a TV and a microwave for an elderly gentleman who lost everything in the fire.  If anyone has either that they could donate, please contact me.

Today we are going down to the "Everyday Heroes" Luncheon sponsored by Court TV and Charter Communications.  Thank you everyone for all your help.

November 27-
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Weekend.  Let's not forget about those who lost their homes as we spend time with our families.  Perhaps a good topic of conversation with your family would be to discuss ways you can help others in their times of need.
November 26-
In order to make the old history of this site easier to navigate I've done some tweaks to the structure of this page.  I hope it helps.  I've had a lot of people ask me to make it easier to read.

Just click on one of the links above to be taken to different sections of Ranger Al's Updates.

Ranger Al has been selected by Court TV and Charter Communications to be honored as a Court TV "Everyday Hero".  This is an award that recognizes "citizens who demonstrate acts of bravery and courage or go above and beyond the call of duty to keep their communities safe".  A luncheon is being held at the Anaheim Hilton on December 3.  At this event, Ranger Al will be presented with an "Everyday Hero" award.  Court TV will also produce a Public Service Announcement highlighting Ranger Al and his achievements, which will be aired by cable operators in designated communities.

Court TV’s “Everyday Heroes” initiative is a national program, which recognizes outstanding individuals throughout the country.  Previous honorees have included Senators John McCain and John Kerry, for their service to our country as decorated war veterans, Rudy and Nancy Montoya, the Salt Lake City couple who phoned in the tip which led to finding Elizabeth Smart, police and firefighters, and men and women fighting the war on terrorism. 

Ranger Al is honored and humbled to recognized with this award.

Also, for all you fans of the "Rim Report:"  Here is a link to the Rim Report's interview with Ranger Al.

November 24- T-Shirts are now available.  Order them on our Ranger Al Gear Page.  More items may come later.  Keep watching out.  Great Christmas Presents.  :)







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