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Ranger Al Updates

Current Updates
Week of November 17: Mon-Sun
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Week of November 4: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Saturday-Sunday, November 1-2, 2003

Sun, 4:30am- Email is sent out, maps are updated, big news is below.  I'm going home to bed.  Be back in a while.
Sun, 3:00am- Yes I'm working into the night again.  I'm trying to get the latest information for you. How's this for some good info?   FIREupdate has learned that there is talk of opening the gates (Highways 138 and 18) to residents of the communities of Crestline, Cedar Pines Park, and Valley of Enchantment Sometime Sunday and possibly other communities as well.  The details are still being discussed but there is talking going on in the Command Posts of some of the responsible agencies.  I will be here through the night to gather information and make the push for this to happen.  At this point there has been no official announcement.  Watch FIREupdate.com for additional information on this subject.  More info to come.

The active fires are in the following areas.  All these fires are small and slow moving due to the weather:

  • About 1 mile South of Running Springs - Very Small Crawling fire, less then 1 foot high.
  • 3 miles North of Lake Arrowhead at a sewer disposal pond
  • East of Arrowhead in the Crab Flats area  About 7 miles from Big Bear.  This is the fire that has been called the "Sleeping Giant"  It is on very steep and rugged terrain but is also very small in size due to the weather.

The total structure count for the old fire is 851 and the last reported structure that burned was the property that FIREupdate.com reported that was burned by itself in the Twin Peaks area on Friday October 31.  That means that no homes or structures have burned in the last 2 days in any area of the old fire.  Let me repeat: According to Jerry Snyder of the Join Information Center for the Old fire, no structures have burned in any of these communities since that Single Family Home in Twin Peaks burned.

I will be updating the maps on this site soon.

Sun, 1:00am- Finished all my emails.  Got done early tonight.  I must be getting quicker.  :)  I've got some exciting new info.  I'll post in a bit, I just have to verify some information with my sources.
Sat, 11:00pm- I am sad to say that FIREupdate.com has received word that 2 mountain residents who were moved from Mountains Community Hospital have died since they were evacuated.  Our hearts go out to them.

Over 700 animals have been rescued from the mountain communities.  These animals are being housed down at the fairgrounds in Victorville.  Understandably trying to answer questions about specific animals in such a large group is extremely hard.  The best thing to do is to go visit and look for your missing animals.

[Graphic]: Map graphic of Old Fire.
Thank you to the hard working people of ESRI and the USDA Forest Servie for this image.

Sat, 10:30pm- The CHP has agreed to let Ranger Al go directly home and not leave the mountain.   I got many emails of support.  Thank you very much.  I hope we can still get a pass sometime so this doesn't happen any more.
Sat, 9:52pm- Breaking News-  Ranger Al  has been stopped by the CHP.  While the Sheriff's Department and the Fire Departments have been supportive of Ranger Al and even assisting him on occasion the CHP is not cooperating right now.  He is demanding Ranger Al leave the mountain.  The officer hasn't heard about FIREupdate.com and we haven't been able to get a Press Pass because we are not considered "Real Press!"  We need to get Ranger Al a pass for the mountain if we can continue the services we are trying to provide.

Why are we not press?  How many of the evacuees have been helped by us so far.  This is not cool!  If anyone out there has any power to help us.  Please let me know ASAP!  The CHP is following Ranger Al's car as he leaves the area.

Sat, 9:00pm- One Earthquake measured a 3.3 a couple miles south of Devore.  A second measuring 3.4 a couple miles NW of Devore.  Still no reports of Damage.  3.4?  That's nothing for Residents in this area.  We are a tough people!
Sat, 8:45pm- I have listed quite a few church information bulletins on the evacuation page.  Please visit there for this type of information.
Sat, 8:30pm- Maybe we should be called Earthquake Update.  2 minor earthquakes near Devore. No damage reported yet.
Sat, 7:15pm- I'm getting a lot of emails about when they can go up into the Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs areas.  Right now they are issuing no passes to visit the area.  No exceptions.  I've heard anywhere from 3-7 days.  There are mud slides and tree branches are still falling and have caused some injuries.  I will update this site as soon as I know more.  Please don't ask me by email.
Sat, 6:47pm- Updated information on Cedar Glen in the Burn Reports.
Sat, 4:30pm- New Information and Pictures have been added to our Burn Reports for the areas of CCP and Playground areas.  Lake Arrowhead area pictures are coming soon.

Sorry I didn't update for a bit, I have been being interviewed by some newspapers and stuff.  I'm sorry.  I'm back on it.

Sat, 4:04pm- 8:00 am Tomorrow.  Hwy 18 through the Lucerne Valley and Hwy 38 in Redlands will be open for residents of Big Bear City,  Big Bear Lake, MoonRidge, Fawnskin, Sugar Loaf & Woodlands.  Residents only.  The mandatory evacuation has been changed to voluntary.  Absolutely No travel west of damn.  ID's Required
Sat, 1:50pm- Quick report on FIREupdate status.  Tens of thousands of page hits just today.  I have returned 1266 emails since Thursday. I am trying to keep up with it. 200 in my in box now.  It might take me a while to get back to you.  please read throught the site first before you ask me anything and also keep your emails to a minimum, it takes me a really long time to read 3-4 paragraphs.

Ranger Al is traveling the mountain.  he spent the morning in Crestline, CCP areas.  I will be updating CCP info shortly.  I will post pictures of individual homes soon as well.  Ranger Al is on his way to update Rim Forest and Lake Arrowhead areas.  Hope to have more info to all of you soon.  I wish I could get up there to get him supplies.  His 50 Lb bag of Dog food is almost gone.  He's been feeding them when he can.

Sat, 1:45pm-
San Bernardino Sheriff has opened up
Angeles Oaks
Silverwood Lake
Waterman Canyon
Seven Oaks
Barton Flats
Forest Falls
All these places are going to need a vehicle pass that can be picked up at sheriff sub stations.
Sat, 12:55pm-
We just got this update from a reader-  For people around the malt shop area.  I was told by a sheriff friend of the area, that the homes are o.k.  He also checked my home on 29725 Redwood and it is still standing without fire damage...it came up to 12 feet around the home AMAZING...there are still miracles to be had.  He said most of the homes east of me are gone.  He also checked 29169 Silverspruce and that whole area seems to be fine.  
Sat, 12:45pm- The Old Fire has burned over 91,281 acres and is 45 percent contained. Firefighters still needed to cut 47 miles of brush in order to fully contain the blaze.

Residents of Mountain Home Village, between Mentone and Forest Falls can return home.  Silverwood and Hesperia areas evacuations have been lifted.

A lot of Firefighters are suffering from exhaustion. Officials are releasing almost 1000 firefighters from the area.

President Bush is coming to visit the area on Tuesday.  Maybe I should call him and see if he can get Ranger Al a press pass.

Firefighters defended the Rimwood Ranch are of Running Springs succussfully.  Fire is now in between RS and Arrowbear.  Reports say that it may take up to a couple days to reach Arrowbear with this weather.  Hopefully they can stomp it out before then.

Rim High is still the staging area for the battle.

Sat, 11:55am- Waterman Canyon Report- Only the Fire Station and 8 residences remain above the highway of approximately 50 that were there.  Addresses of those homes will be posted as soon we can, please do not ask.  I will post them when I have them.

I have updated the Playground area list.  Ranger Al wrote down all the homes he saw in the area that were burned.  Pictures of these sites will be added soon.

Weather in the Playground area right now is - Very Foggy- Visibility 50 feet.

Sat, 11:25am- Check the Evacuee page for information on the Post Office, Church Services and other information.
Sat, 11:00am- Raccoons, Bears and Coyotes are enjoying their run of the mountain.  Lots of wildlife have been seen wondering the area getting into peoples trash cans.  At least they have some food.  :)

There are over 6500 unique people surfing this site just this morning.  Over 15,000 yesterday.  I am trying to keep information updated.  You'd think that with this many people they would consider us press and give Ranger Al a press pass.  Oh well

Sat, 10:00am- The Sleeping Giant near big bear is still endangers the area.

At least 4-7 days before we can go home.

Sat, 9:45am-
All available administrators of Rim of the World Unified will be meeting at the County Schools office on Monday, Nov. 3rd, to continue their planning for restarting our schools, hopefully November 12. Plans are in effect to have general staff meetings prior to the start date to allow for debriefing (hugging and crying and assuring) and to decide how best to assist students with the transition from this tragedy and disruption in their lives to the day-to-day school activities that are so critical for healing. District personnel have been manning the school district transportation area to provide assistance to fire personnel, evacuation as necessary, and updates to district officials.
Sat, 9:30am- Fire is active in Crab Flats area

Falling limbs have injured more people.  It is a very dangerous area. 

Mud slides in the narrows area (18 & 138)

All Evacuations remain in place.  Passes are not being issued.  No Exceptions.

Sat, 8:45am- Wow, <YAWN>  Good morning.  Again, thank you to all those who needed information early this morning and called me to find out if Lake Gregory had burned at all.  It hasn't!  I'll be adding the latest as soon as possible.

Mountain Residents woke up to a layer of snow this morning.

Dang 120 emails. 





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