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Ranger Al Updates

Current Updates
Week of November 17: Mon-Sun
Week of November 10: Mon-Sun
Week of November 4: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
Week of October 27: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

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Monday-Tuesday, November 3-4, 2003

Tues, 11:15 pm- I am extremely beat right now.  Making the new website last night took a long time.  I think I'm going to call it an early night tonight.  I'm sorry but I still have 266 emails in my inbox but I'm not thinking straight at this point so I will need to be going home soon.  Volunteers- I will be contacting you tomorrow.
Tues, 8:55 pm- I have listed here the latest FIREupdate list of homes that were destroyed or damaged in the fires.  Ranger Al sends his deepest sympathies to those who were effected.



Tues, 8:30 pm- I will be posting the most up to date list of homes destroyed momentarily.  Give me a couple seconds to finalize it.
Tues, 4:45 pm- I am really busy answering emails.  I will try to get to you all tonight.  I have over 350 right now still in my box.  Please be patient.
Tues, 4:45 pm- I'm back.  I told you it'd be quick.  Here's a press release from our friends at Edison. Click here


Tues, 3:30 pm- I have to leave really quick to go get my buddy from the airport.  I feel so bad about it.  I think this is the first time in a week that I'm leaving my computer (other then at night).  Hmmm.  I guess I didn't leave it last night. :(  I promise I'll be back.  It's only 20 minutes away so it'll be less then an hour and I'll be back informing you of the latest.  And remember to definitely check back tonight for my burn report updates.  -I'm thinking between 7-9pm or so.
Tues, 3:15 pm- Electricity reported on on Lassen Dr. and on Crown drive but not on 1200 Yosemite.

Here's another Web cam of the Crestline area

Tues, 1:15 pm- Burn Reports-  I will have a whole bunch of new and accurate information to report to you later tonight.  For those of you who have been asking for information about your properties, I will have a more complete list and hopefully will be able to confirm the status of your homes.  I thought I would have it sooner but it will take a little longer than I thought.  More information to come.

For all of you volunteers.  I will be contacting you either tonight or tomorrow morning.  If you are able to start tomorrow with some stuff to do, that would be great.  More info to come.

Did you vote yet?  Remember today is Election day.  Go Vote!!!  Call 1-800-881-8683 for more info.

Tues, 12:00pm- Electricity was restored to at least one home on Golden Rule (by the Elementary School) about 10am today.

Remember that today is Election day.  Mountain voters can vote at 777 East Rialto or at the Norton Evacuation center.  Call these numbers for more info  800-881-8683  387-8300

There's no snow or anything on Hwy 138 up the backside to Crestline.  Clouds are gently rolling in.  Might rain tomorrow.

Tues, 11:35am- Here is a link to a web cam that is up in the Top Town area of Crestline.  There is also some other information if you are interested.
Tues, 10:35am- We are getting an astounding amount of response from everyone about the Recover Effort.  I thought I had a lot of emails before!  :)  This is going to be really nice.  We are discussing our first major event now.  When we have some details hammered out, we'll post them.
Tues, 10:30am- Power Report

We have had contact with people spread over the mountain, some with power and others without.

Some homes in Valley of Enchantment, Top Town Crestline, Lake Gregory, Twin Peaks, and the Lower homes in Cedar Pines Park have reported power on.  I'm getting lots of emails from the Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead areas about power still being out. 

Ron Ferree, the Southern California Edison director of grid operations said, "Our crews will be replacing everything: poles, wire, cable, transformers, switches, circuit breakers.  They’ll be doing this in areas with limited access though rough terrain while working in very cold conditions.  At the same time, they’ll need to watch out for smoldering trees, which could split and fall on them or our equipment."

"We’ll work as quickly as we can to get them energized,” said Ferree.  “We appreciate their patience while we perform a difficult task under trying conditions.”

Tues, 9:00am- The LA times had a good article in it today.  :)  Check for the article called "For Fire News, It's Ranger Al"
Tues, 8:45am- I've had a couple questions come up.  Someone asked if we won't be doing regular posts now that we are in recovery mode.  We will definitely keep doing these posts.  I have over 20,000 friends that I need to keep updated.  :)  The new Recovery Structure will keep us more organized.  It's going to take a bunch of us to make this work. 
Tues, 6:30am- Good Morning.

Current Stats

Acre's- 91,281
Containment- 93%
Cost- $28,900,000
Deaths- 6
Injuries- 6
Buildings Damaged- 35
Homes Destroyed- 993
Business Destroyed- 10
Personnel- 2,998

As I went through your hundreds of emails yesterday and saw your reaction to my Sunday 9pm post I was very happy to see how many people were willing to help out in different ways for the recovery.  There were tons of ideas and obvious experience in what I was reading.  I thought of this large group of neighbors so willing to help each other out.  Then I thought of all the different charitable organizations out there that help out as well.  But there's just something about neighbors helping neighbors.  So I decided to change my thinking a bit and start thinking about Recovery instead of just Updates on Fires.  After all, the fires are almost gone.  I think we can make a huge difference in this recovery process and maybe even in this world if we get back to the neighbor help neighbor ideals.

There are plenty of organizations out there that accept donations and distribute those donations. I don't want to mess with having to deal with that sort of thing.  Let's let the experts in money handling take care of that.  But we can decide what our neighbors need and then aim our donations accordingly to those existing charities.  We have over 20,000 unique visitors regularly to this site.  Let's all make a huge difference and act in this time to help our neighbors along side of those organizations that are set up for that type of thing.  Let's not sit back and do nothing while others do the work.  I want to get my shoes dirty. 

I created a new website last night. My last website (and my first real website) lasted a wild wild week, but it's time to move on.  Please provide ideas and suggestions these are just some of my ideas.  It's a lot work but it's worth it.  Let's go to Fire Recovery Mode.

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