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Ranger Al Updates

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Week of November 17: Mon-Sun
Week of November 10: Mon-Sun
Week of November 4: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Wednesday-Thursday, November 5-6, 2003

Thur, 3:00 am- The number of Structures destroyed is now estimated at over 1000 for the old fire.  993 homes and 10 commercial properties.

Done for the night.  Going home.

Thur, 12:00 am- I created some new maps on the map page as well as added 146 new addresses to the Newest List of Damaged homes.  More coming soon.
Wed, 7:45 pm- K,  I didn't ignore you or even leave you.  I just replied to about 200 emails.  As long as I don't get 200 more, I'll be able to get some stuff done that I've been wanting to do.  I may be contacting more of you about volunteering tonight.  We've got some good stuff planed.  I'll be updating the websites tonight.

Another thing-  My wife and kids think I have abandoned them.  I set up an email address so you can tell them thank you for me.  I call them all the time and thank them for understanding that I've been busy this week, but maybe it'll be a nice surprise for a special thank you to come in from one of you.  Please don't expect a response, my wife has a full time job (raising my 3 kids) and doesn't have time to reply to 2500 people like I have this week.  The address is amy-fire@fireupdate.com

Just a repeat of below- The whole mountain is open to residents now including Cedar Glen.

Wed, 3:30 pm- If you own a cabin near a burn zone, you can help out by renting (or donating) your cabin to a family that lost their home while they rebuild.  Contact your real estate agent if this is possible.  Also if you send info to me I can get the word out.
Wed, 3:00 pm- This article was found today.  It's just a tad wrong.  It says that we get 18,000 hits a day.  We get that many hits by 6:30 am, every morning, but, anywho, back to better things.
Wed, 2:45 pm- Updates from Crestline- Goodwin's is open normal hours and is fully staffed. They received their shipment of vegetables, dairy, meat and frozen foods and are restocking, but almost everything is available for purchase..

The 7-11 in town is open and pumping gas. I have no information on Ultramar--er, Valero at this point.

Mountain Disposal is on normal schedule for areas accessible by their trucks. They now pick up 5 cans a week instead of 3. (This change occurred before the fires, but not everybody noticed it on their bill.) I was unable to reach Heap's Peak landfill, so I don't know whether there is any damage there or when they will reopen.

Charter Cable is going section-by-section and repairing lines. They have a lot of damage, and don't have an ETA. From the sound of it, they may be turning it on one neighborhood at a time as they get the lines working. The signal is from down the hill, and the office burned in Rimforest has NO impact on operations.

Crestline Water District has talked to the health department and has confirmed that NO special preparation is needed to drink the water. Rumors that you have to boil the water in Crestline Water District areas are FALSE.

The Crestline Post Office is open normal hours and is processing tons of mail. It looks like they're getting everything for Crestline--with no more being delivered to Norton. They ask that residents check their mail daily for a couple of weeks, since a full mailbox makes it hard for them to stuff mailboxes efficiently.

Photo by John T McIntosh

Wed, 2:30 pm- Cedar Glen is open to residents now.
Wed, 2:25 pm- Many credit card companies and other companies have waived payments for a month or two who lost income due to being evacuated.  It can't hurt to ask.
Wed, 2:15 pm- Charter Communications will be at their same location (in a temporary building due to the fire burning down their old building) to handle their costumers questions and concerns.  They are working on putting up temporary internet access points in different locations around the mountain for residents to use high-speed internet for free.
Wed, 12:15 pm- I just got off the phone with Tim Watkins from Caltrans and he confirmed that Highway 330 will be opening for residents of Running Springs area at certain times of the day.  Those going up the hill open from 5pm-7:30pm by police escort.  Those going down the hill open from 5am-7:30am by police escort.  Additional Traffic is still not allowed.
Wed, 11:45 am- The Pass system is no longer being used for access to the mountain.  You still need proof of residency to get past the checkpoints.  Throw those ugly old passes away!  :)
Wed, 11:00 am- !00% Containment has been achieved this morning!  Total cost: $32,584,000.  It burned 91,281 acres.

Running Springs and areas around (Arrowbear, GVL) can get to their homes by way of Big Bear.

Red Cross and Salvation Army has moved from the Airport to the Orange Show Fairgrounds.  The Temporary Post office is still at the Airport.  Some Post Offices in the Mountains are already open.  Crestline being one of them.

I am still in need of some people to help organize events.  I've got lots of volunteers but not as many people willing to really put some time into it and help organize.  Email me if you can.

By the way, Ranger Al is down the mountain right now.  Can you believe it.  He's up there when everyone's down the mountain,  Now everyone goes up and he comes down!  What a nut.  Is he afraid of everyone or something?  lol, actually he's taken some elderly people down to the hospital.   He'll be back up soon.

Special thanks to the many firefighters who risked their lives to save many homes like this one.


Wed, 10:30 am- I'm still busy replying to emails.  One email just suggested that cell phone companies allow you do donate your minutes to other people who helped out in an emergency.  Coming from someone that used thousands of minutes on a couple of different phones, I think that would be a great idea.  But something like that would be hard to set up. Oh well,  good idea.

I like to read and I'm sure others do to about your returns home.  Post them in the RIMhigh.com forums, so we can hear about your experiences.

Wed, 8:45 am- I really love the many "thankings" I get but for today, If you could post those in the RIMhigh.com forums, I will still get to read them but they wont add to my inbox problems today.  Thanks
Wed, 8:30 am- Good Morning.  My email box is now at 400 emails.  I know that I will not be able to get these done any time soon.  I need sort through them and start prioritizing the list a bit.  I'm really sorry, I want to answer everyone but It is looking worse and worse at this point. 

Photo by John T. McIntosh

If you haven't checked this out yet, please check it out.







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