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 Ranger Al Updates




Ranger Al Updates

Current Updates
Week of November 17: Mon-Sun
Week of November 10: Mon-Sun
Week of November 4: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
Week of October 27: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

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Monday-Tuesday, November 3-4, 2003
Tues, 12:30am-

Everyone have a good night.  I'll have some stuff for you in the morning.

Mon, 9:30pm- I am redesigning the site from a fire status page to more of a fire recovery page.  But I will keep all the old information on the site for reference. 

If you have pictures that you would like to share, please send them to me and I'll try to find somewhere to share them.

I'm also looking for some individuals to donate some time and help me write articles on the clean up effort. If you are serious in wanting to spend time doing this, contact me

Mon, 9:15pm- If you are planning on lighting a fire in your fire place tonight the authorities would like to remind you to only burn wood.  Also, check your fireplace before you start your fire.

Burned- Burnt mill road, north of Mojave River Road- 1 small cabin burned - south, all ok

Weather in Crestline- Heavy Fog, Light drizzle,  36 F

Current Stats

Acre's- 91,281
Containment- 93%
Cost- $28,900,000
Deaths- 6
Injuries- 6
Buildings Damaged- 35
Homes Destroyed- 993
Business Destroyed- 10
Personnel- 2,998

Growth potential of the fire is very low

The Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman visited the Command Post today.

Mon, 9:00pm- It has been a crazy week.  I just realized it was Monday today.  I'm going to go on a quick rant for a second.  It has nothing to do with the fires so if you are looking for news go ahead and scroll down to the next post. 

Last Monday, The fires were very active and burning everywhere it seems.  Evacuations had been going on for a while already.  My dad, who's always been a great example of service to others had begun his job of keeping people informed of the fires.  He kept hundreds of friends and family informed by phone.  The problem, I wanted to talk to him and the phone was busy all day long!  So I thought, why don't we set up a system where instead of him having to repeat himself to everyone he knows, he informs one person and that person distributes it.  I thought it was a brilliant innovative idea until I realized that that concept dated back to the stone age.  But, back on point, later that evening I decided to start a webpage to get that information out to family and friends.  Thus I registered the name FIREupdate.com.

I never imagined that one decision would effect so many people.  Here are some stats for the last week:

Server Hits- 5,568,790
Server changes to handle the load- 4
Emails Received and returned- 2,118
Emails Received Yet to be Returned- 183
Minutes used on my cell phone- 2,218
Interviews with Newspapers- 6
Interviews with Magazines- 2
Interviews with Radio Stations- 4
Anonymous pizzas delivered to me- 1
(I still have no idea how they knew where I was)
Times I thought I should get into the Media business- 2
Times I kicked myself for thinking that- 2
Emails I received saying that I stink at being a reporter- 15
Times I thought I should get into the Web design business- 3
Emails I received from someone who thought I was the fire chief- 3
Friends I didn't know I had- 22,312 
(unique visitors to the site)
Sleep- Sleep?  What's that?

Thank you everyone for a really good week!




Mon, 6:45pm- New updates in the Burn Reports for Cedar Glen- 180 Glen Avon had a tree fall on it but didn't burn, 299 Alder is ok, 296 was destroyed but there is a green vehicle in front of it that is ok., 522 Maple is ok.
Mon, 5:45pm- You can pick up your pass for the mountain at the San Bernardino Airport, at the park at the base of the mountain or you can drive right up to hwy 138 and they will give you one on the road near the 138 / 173 intersection.  You will need proof of residency such as a drivers license or utility bill.

Remember, we evacuated the entire mountain with absolutely no accidents or injuries.  Let's try to do the same thing in going back.  Drive Safely.

Mon, 4:45pm- If you are planning on going up the mountain, Remember to fill your tank before you come.  Bring some Groceries.  Gas Stations and Grocery stores, if they are open, could be busy and have limited supply.

Expect the power to be out.  Although in Some areas of Crestline and VOE I have reports that power is on.  Job's Peak area has no power.  Again expect power to be off.  It is very foggy and cold.  You may want to wait until it is daylight. 

Those of you who find your home still standing when you get there, think of the others who aren't so lucky.  I am going to have some fundraising information up on the site later tonight.  Let's make a difference.

Mon, 4:15pm- Remember, you need to get a mountain area pass from a local evacuation center in order to enter the mountain area.  Highways 18 and 330 is closed, you must go up Highway 138 to get to the Crestline Area.

Mandatory Evacuations- Cedar Glen, East of 173, North of Hook Creek Road is still closed.

Voluntary Evacuations- Waterman Canyon, Lake Gregory, Crestline, Valley of Enchantment, Cedar Pines Park, Crest Forest, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear, Twin Peaks, Rim Forest, Blue Jay and surrounding areas.  Passes needed in these areas.

Open to the public- Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Fawnskin, Moonridge, Woodlands, Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls.

Ranger Al standing with Malt Shop owners Bob and Peggy Magurean, their daughter Tammy Ramsey and grandchildren David and Patrick.  The malt shop will be open later this week.


Mon, 3:55pm- The mandatory evacuation order has been lifted for the whole mountain area except for the burn areas in Cedar Glen listed in the last post.   Parts of Crestline have electricity.

This includes:  Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, Twin peaks, Rim Forest, Blue Jay and surrounding areas.

You need to still have a pass.  Get it from any evacuations center.

Highways 18 and 330 down to the San Bernardino area are still closed.

It is very cold.  Actively snowing in some areas and very foggy in others.

Mon, 3:15pm- The entire area is now open except for parts of the Cedar Glen area.  East of 173, North of Hook Creek Road is still closed.  More info in a second.  Highway 138 is open or Hwy 18 from Lucerne Valley.  Highway 18 from San Bernardino is still closed.
Mon, 2:00pm- It's amazing what a press pass does.  The CHP officers just waved Ranger Al past the road block.  How did he get through?  Geoffrey Mohan of the Los Angeles Times while driving Ranger Al around flashed his press pass to the officers.  (Nobody tell Ranger Al, he thinks the CHP let him through because they like him.)

Contacting the LA TIMES to thank them would be appreciated.  At this time of day, we wont be able to get too much done before dark but we will try, we have a ton of addresses to check. 

Another note- This is only for today.  He will not be able to get trough again.  Any other members of the press who want to hang out with Ranger Al for the day tomorrow can contact me.  He will give you the story of his life if you get him through the road blocks.

The owners of the ever so famous malt shop in Cedar Glen say they will be ready to open as early as Thursday.

Mon, 1:30pm- I've got a lot of responses about the fundraising events.  I am putting all those emails in my stack of fundraiser stuff and will get back to you later.  It sounds like we have an army of great fundraisers.  This can turn into a huge thing if we pull all together on this.

I'm getting an unusually large amount of email today.  I might not be able to get back to everyone but I will try.  Don't think I'm rude if I just answer with a quick yes or no or another brief answer.  I'll chit chat with you all another time.  Well......  I don't know about you all.  Over 25,000 unique visitors so far.  That would be quite a feat!

Putting a brief summary in the subject line of your email would help me organize a bit too.

Mon, 1:15pm- I've been on the phone trying to find charities that are able to handle the volume of donations that they could get if I make them the official charity of Fireupdate.com.  Just so you know what I am looking for, I will only support a charity that 100% of the donations will help the cause.  I don't want to pay administration costs, etc.  I think we have 2 different needs.  The first being immediate attention.  This is supporting the families with temporary needs right now.  Offering food, shelter information and toys for the kids.  Then the longer term needs like helping with clean up and rebuilding their lives.  If you have suggestions on specific charities, please contact me and put CHARITY SUGGESTION in the subject line of your email.  I have also heard suggestions that we create a "Ranger Al" foundation so we can oversee the support ourselves.  I don't know anything about that so that is a long shot at this point

Ranger Al has teamed up with Geoffrey Mohan of the Los Angeles Times and is attempting to get into burn areas.  We will keep you informed.

Mon, 12:05pm- Cedar Fire is 99% Contained.  I'm so glad most of the fires are under control.
Mon, 12:00pm- School will start again on Monday November 17 for the Rim School District, not November 12 which has been listed on the school website.  Ya get good and fast info here.  :)  Counseling will be available.

Teachers should contact their administrative staff leader.  Contact numbers on the school website at http://www.rimsd.k12.ca.us/

All staff meeting for teachers, counselors, and other staff at Rim High November 12-14 at 8am.

District Administration Staff met today and will meet again on Wed and Friday this week planning the openings including new bus routes for burn areas.  Watch here for more info.

SAT's will be rescheduled.  More information coming.

Elections will still be held on Tuesday.  Some of the Evacuation centers will be set up as voting areas.  Other areas will be posted here soon. School Board, Park and Recreation, Crest forest Fire District and Community college district items are some of the items on the ballet.

Mon, 11:47am- Big Bear area now open to the general public.

Remember, you need to get a mountain area pass from a local evacuation center in order to enter the mountain area.  Highway 18 is closed, you must go up Highway 138 to get to the Crestline Area.

Mandatory Evacuations- Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear, Twin Peaks, Rim Forest, Blue Jay and surrounding areas.

Voluntary Evacuations- Waterman Canyon, Lake Gregory and Parts of Crestline, (West of 189 at North Road extending along Highway 189 to Highway 18 at Lake Gregory Dr.) Valley of Enchantment, Cedar Pines Park and the Crest Forest Area.   Passes needed in these areas.

Expected to be lowered to Voluntary soon-  Twin Peaks, Rim Forest & Blue Jay

Open to the public-
Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Fawnskin, Moonridge, Woodlands, Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls.

Mon, 11:30am- Highway 18 is in pretty bad shape.  No official word as to when it will open.  but it will be a while still.
Mon, 10:30am- The SAT's that were scheduled for Mountain students will be rescheduled in the same location.  More info to come.  The District is meeting right now and will inform me of School District Information as soon they they are done.  :)  No worries I will immediately inform you.  See how that works.  :)
Mon, 9:45am- I've got this link sent to me a bunch to times today.  I finally clicked on it to see what it was.  Hey that's me!  :)  You may have to sign up in order to see it.
Mon, 9:38am- Ranger Al is still trying to get access to the closed areas.  Please contact the authorities, the media or your politicians to help get our services started back up.

Edison Reports that they still have 24,000 customers in the Crestline/Lake Arrowhead area still without electricity.  They have Damage Assessment teams driving around checking the whole network for downed poles or trees that would cause hazardous conditions.  They figure it will take at least another couple days to start the process of returning power to everyone.  They also say that it could be well over a week before power is restored to the whole network.

Bear Valley Electric in Big Bear had no fire related problems.  Everyone should have power.

Mon, 9:20am- Sometimes as we go through tragedies like this we forget to think about the people behind the scenes that help in the recovery.  Hundreds and Hundreds of men and women working for the companies like the gas and electric companies have worked non stop to get our services back up on the mountain.  Don't forget to thank them for their hard work and service. 
Mon, 9:15am- Gas is selling for $1.59 at the 7-11 in Crestline.
Mon, 8:45am- New Information discovered by FIREupdate.com- I've been hearing that the areas of Twin Peaks, Rim Forest and Blue Jay may open up soon.  Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs are still going to be a while.  I will keep you informed on this information.  Please do not Email me concerning the openings.  Believe me I will post it here the minute I know something.

Current Stats

Acre's- 91,281
Containment- 83%
Cost- $24,800,000
Deaths- 4
Buildings Damages
Homes Destroyed- 976
Business Destroyed- 10
Personnel- 4133

Homes was changed from 850 to 976 not because of newly burned homes but rather a re-assessment of the homes that were previously burned.  This according to Bernie Pineda, Fire Information Officer from the Joint Information Center.

Mon, 8:15am- Good Morning. New update momentarily.





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