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 Special Thanks




We'd like to give a special thanks to:

Travis Hanson for creating awesome Ranger Al logos and graphics for our Ranger Al Gear.
Lloyd Stevens from Dreamlinks.net- the largest internet service provider in the San Bernardino mountains has been invaluable in helping Ranger Al with many things including sending emails and pictures to be provided on the web.
Gamersdepot.com for helping us with server bandwidth upgrades.  Over a million server hits a day can give you some problems if you aren't ready for it.
Mark Dixon for all his great help in getting our Ranger Al T-shirts printed.
Johnathon Elston for help with the Ranger Al effort from across the country. (Florida)
John McIntosh and everyone else who sent us information and pictures for the site.  There are hundreds of you and I wish I could name you all.  Thank you so much.
All the Firefighters, Utility workers, members of the CHP and Sheriff's Dept and others that helped protect our homes.
And thank all of you for your support.




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