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Wednesday-Thursday, October 29-30, 2003


12:30 am Thursday Morning-

Raining/Drizzling Very Foggy in the  Mountains.

Back firing occurred in the Santa Ana Wash area.

Area surrounding Rim of the World High School has calmed.

Cedar Glen and Hook Creek--This area of Lake Arrowhead suffered significant losses. The fire is still active in Cedar Glen.

Green Valley Lake--Fire is currently burning near this community.

Running Springs--the fire is in Plunge Creek

Twin Peaks--Structures have been lost near Crestline.

11:00 pm Wednesday- Fire is 10 or so miles from Big Bear.  It is still threatening Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead near the hospital.  Strong Gusty Winds will make the battle hard. 

8:15 pm Wednesday- Fog is rolling into the Crestline area.  The dampness should help slow the fires progression.

5:45 pm Wednesday- 350 homes destroyed in the Cedar Glen Area.  Mostly around Hook Creek Road, Emerald Lane and Lakeview.  Fire heading North East.  Winds may blow the flames toward Big Bear

4:15 pm, Wednesday- At least 8 homes burnt in Cedar Pines Park.  The water drops helped a lot and limited the fires growth.

Burned vehicles lie among the ruins of homes on Saturn Way in Crestline. The scene looks like fallen snow; in this case, it is ash from the fire. Photo by Lee Reeder.ire' and went on to destroy over 25 homes in the Skyland area of Crestline. At this time Running Springs is threatened, and mandatory evacuations are in force. Photo by Lee Reeder.

3:15 pm, Wednesday- Reports that school in Crestline burned and homes in VOE are burning are false.

2:45 pm, Wednesday- Areas of Cedar Pines Park are burning actively.  Structures on Mozumdar Dr. are burning.

2:15 pm, Wednesday- Lake Arrowhead- Fire has burned through Cedar Glen and Little Bear Creek and is wrapping around to the Hospital Area of Lake Arrowhead. Wind is blowing North East.  May blow fires down to the Lucerne / Apple Valley area.

Crestline- Cedar Pines Park is actively burning. They are still dropping.

1:30 pm, Wednesday- Very active fire drops.  Filling from Lake Gregory, a set of 6 helicopters are carrying water straight to the Cedar Pines Park Area!  They are dropping about one load per 2 minutes.  Battling the fire from the air.

The first major flame front tried to jump Highway 330 into the Enchanted Way cul-de-sac in Running Springs at 12:07 p.m. Fire crews on the highway used their hoses to turn most of the flames to steam. But for a few minutes, the fiercely burning flames created the likelihood that glowing embers would trigger spot fires among the homes.

Just before noon, firefighters began making a stand near the Hesperia Airport.

According to Burbank city firefighters on the Summit ridge, there are two flanks of the Old Fire approaching. One is coming from the southeast toward the airport. Another from the southwest toward the Hesperia neighborhood near Halinor Street and Cottonwood Avenue.

The firefighters are making a stand here to keep the fires from merging. Part of the Old Fire burned down the mountain Tuesday night and early Wednesday and is edging closer to suburban Hesperia. About every three houses, there are fire engines parked, backed up, facing the street. This area overlooks the Summit Valley. One house has already been sprayed with fire-retardant foam. By mid-morning, residents rushed in and out of their rural residences in the unincorporated Hesperia area known as Oak Hill.

11:45 am, Wednesday- Firemen are backing out of the Cedar Pines Park Area.  There are not very many easy escape routes due to the windy roads.  They will have to lose structures in the area.  Most of the reporters are up in the Lake Arrowhead area so there are no reporters in the area except for Ranger Al.

Questions for Ranger Al are now routed through admin@fireupdate.com.  Contact us for the latest on the Old Fire Fronts.

11:15 am, Wednesday- Fire is burning near the south east side of Arrowhead near Hook Creek Road.  Structures have been lost in the area.  I will try post any more info I get.

10:45 am, Wednesday- Ranger Al has traveled and toured the Cedar Pines Park area.  The look for the area is grim.  Fire is coming quickly up Mozumdar Dr and Sawpit Canyon.  There are few Firemen in the area.  Homes that are in heavily wooded areas or don't have easy escape routes will probably not be protected.  Major loss of homes are expected in the Cedar Pines Park Area.

Valley of Enchantment is safe for now.  Crestline and Lake Gregory areas are not in any immediate danger.


8:30am, Wednesday- The fire is on the North side of Crestline now so the first time Smoke is visible in the Main Crestline area as it is being blown over the hill from the fire burning on the backside of the mountain.  The main areas of Crestline are still safe for the time being.  The hill between Silverwood and Cedar Pines Park is burning up near the old Mozumdar temple.

South end of Hesperia is being evacuated. As the fire tears through the Summit Valley and Lake Silverwood area.

Fire has reached Running Strings on the Eastern Front.  Still attempting to keep the fire on the South side of Hwy 18.







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