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We at FireRecovery.com do not accept donations directly for the victims.  Our goal is to notify you of organizations that supply the best service and support that the victims currently need.  This need changes from time to time, so our recommendations will change as well.

Warning: There are many people and organizations out there that attempt to take advantage of people in horrible situations like these.  Donate only to those places that you trust.


The Mountain Friends and Neighbors group has recived more donations then expected.  We all thank you for that.  Financial donations are still being accepted, but we have enough clothing dontaions. (other then warm winter clothing)  We are a grass roots group that is committed to delivering items and information for all victims.  We are planning a big event where the victims can “shop” for items that will help them get started on their journey to rebuild their lives at no cost to them.  Click here for more information

FireRecovery.com currently suggests this organization

The Salvation Army is responding to meet the needs of those affected by a string of massive wildfires raging throughout Southern California from Ventura County to the Mexican border. Salvation Army disaster personnel are currently providing shelter, meals to responders and evacuees as well as pastoral counseling.

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