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 Burn Maps




Ranger Al Exclusive
(for those familiar with the area)


Old and Grand Prix Fires Structure Damage


Circles Ranger Al Double Checked - Squares
Destroyed - Black

Major Damage - Red

Moderate Damage - Yellow

Minor Damage - Blue


Destroyed - Black

Major Damage - Red

House is Fine - Green


Cedar Glen


Crest Forest Drive Area - Crestline
/ Cliff hanger
Valley View / Playground


Cedar Pines Park Area
Del Rosa


Devore / East
Devore / West


Upland / Alta Loma
Lake Silverwood


Waterman Canyon
San Bernardino Mountains


FIREupdate map of the Old Fire Area destruction.
(Click on the map for a closer view)


Structures Burned Forest Burned Last Burn Location



Sunday Morning 11/2/03


  These maps are for informational purposed only.  Not responsible for errors or omissions. 






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