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Friday, November 7, 2003

Fri, 6:15 pm- Highway 18 is open up to 138 in Crestline as of 7pm tonight.  It is open for the public and not just to residents.  Highway 18 from Highway 138 near Crestline all they way to Running Springs is still closed.  Have a fun drive.  :)

I asked someone on a date tonight.  I hope she remembers me.  :)  I will be spending time with my wife tonight.  I will be back here in the morning.  Thank you for supporting our new events we have scheduled.

I may visit the mountain tomorrow.  I hope they let me up.

Here's another picture from E4485 and Barry Rudolf

Jupiter Road

Willow Road - Sky Forest.

Fri, 4:00 pm- I just wanted to share this recent email with you:

"Just to say THANK YOU for all your effort and sleeplessness during and now after the fire. We came home to our house in Rim Forest still standing. The fire burned up to the foundation of our home. We opened the screen door and found a note that read "Welcome Home! Your house was saved courtesy of the Santa Rosa fire department!!! WOW!!"   -The Lanes

If anyone knows a Silk-screening shop that will help donate their time to produce Charity T-shirts / Hats, please let me know.  dacy@firerecovery.com

Fri, 2:00 pm- The goal for Highway 18 is to have it open by Saturday Morning.  So, it very well could be open sometime before 10am tomorrow.
Fri, 11:00 am- The most asked question I get by email right now is "Is Highway 18 open?" or "When will it open?"  Just to let you all know.  I'm not sure.  But you've got to know me by now.  I'll tell you the minute I know.

San Bernardino Mountains- October 2003

Fri, 10:45 am- I have put together a "News and Information" page for select people to write stories or news etc.  Anyone interested in writing can submit an article to me at dacy@firerecovery.com and I will help set you up as a writer.
Fri, 10:00 am- Wow!  I slept in for the first time in 2 weeks.  Then I spent some time with my family this morning before I came down here.  We've got some good events being planned.  I received many emails from people about wanting to volunteer.  I'll try to reply to most of them, but in the mean time, Please feel free to visit the events and volunteer for the specific event.  Mountain Friends and Neighbors "Garage Sale" Event - Mountain Kids Dinner / Dance





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