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 Burn Reports






This is a list of Homes based on Ranger Al's Personal Visits to each area.  We have developed a second list based on information gathered from other "reliable" sources, The Fire Department, The Sheriff's Department and the County Assessor's Office.


Ranger Al Exclusive
(for those familiar with the area)

This is not gathered on the Internet.  Rumors can spread quickly that way. This is Bases on Ranger Al Personal experiences.

Cedar Pines Park  |  Valley of Enchantment  |  Playground/TopTown  |  Skyland  |  Rim Forest  |  Blue Jay  |  Twin Peaks
North Shore  |  Grass Valley  |  Arrowhead Villas  |  Crest Park  |  Arrowhead Village  |  Cedar Glen  |  Running Springs
Arrowbear  |  Green Valley Lake  |  Big Bear  |  Waterman Canyon


Photo by John T Mcintosh - Crestline on 10/28/03


Cedar Pines Park

Pictures taken of the burn area on 11/1/03


  Burned Not Burned
Peak Circle 3 houses between 21411 and 21543 GPS 34 15.34'N 117 19.78'W
1 house across from those 3 (maybe 2144?)
Jobs Peak Rd   All OK
Hartman Cir   All OK
Sawpit Big White House that was in the movie "The Hand" 21111
Sawpit Canyon Spur   386
Cedar Lake Dr House on Corner 319
Axcension Ct   525
Alder Glen Dr 431 468
Monument Peak   190
Mozumdar 729
Houses between 729-829
In between 729 and Sand hill
Temple outbuildings
No homes were burned before the 729 address
In between 737&729


Sandhill 743  and home across street
1 house
Valley of Enchantment
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No burns
Lake Gregory Area
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No burns
Playground / Top town
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Pictures taken of the burn area on 11/1/03





  Burned Not Burned
Playground Dr none All OK from the fronts of the homes.  Some reports that there could be some damage in the backs of a couple homes.
Grandview none All OK
Summit none All OK
Valley View

22664- Pic 78
22680 Heavy Damage Pic 76
Homes between 22664-22680
22671 Pic 77
22664 damaged
226?? (across from 22664)-Pic 79
    2 model A's in Garage



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GPS of burn area on saturn-neptune- 34 13.91 N, 11716.99 W, 34 18.83 N, 11717.02 W, 34 13.86 N, 11717.10 W
  Burned Not Burned
Neptune All houses on dead end section
Green house- couldn't see address
Saturn 1188 - Ford Van burned in front
1185 and house across from it
1178 -marked private road
1141 Might be on Skyland
1158 might be on Jupiter (Grey with red trim)
Jupiter looks fine  
Rockview 4 houses east of 24127 (3rd house garage ok, house burned- tan)


Greatview Dr 24347 next to green water tank
1 house west of 24347

1 house West of 24571 right at intersection of Greatview Ln

Everything east of 24381 to the dead end except for the one listed on the intersection
Greatview Ln   24583
Crest Forest 24719 - house ok 15 of 30cars  destroyed



Ocean View 2 houses east of 25008
house across street from 25008
house across street from 24988
1 house east of 24929
West end of Ocean View and Crest Forest Drive (corvette in driveway)
Other homes in area

Rim Forest
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  Burned Not Burned
Hwy 18 26262
 there may be another house in that area.  Its hard to pick out the houses in the rubble.

Cable Business
Alpine and Trust Businesses  Small part of the lumber yard.

Blue Jay
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Blue Jay  and Agua Fria is Safe.  Reports that Jensen's or the Ice Rink burned are false.
Twin Peaks
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  Burned Not Burned
Hwy 189 25706  

It looks like a whole separate fire.  There is not any other homes or even forest burned near it.  The rest of Twin Peaks looks fine.  Must be just a freak accident. 

North Shore
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The North Shore, North of the Dam is safe.  The fire threatened the hospital but didn't burn any structures west of there.  There was a small flare up in the area on Friday night.  No damage.
Grass Valley
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The Country Club area and other parts of the Grass Valley area are safe and had no burned structures.
Arrowhead Villas
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Arrowhead Villas.  We traveled down Arrowhead Villa Rd, Around all the side streets and up and down Kuffel Canyon.  No homes burned.

Crest Park
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South of 18  West of 173 Near the Park/Campground  GPS 34 13.74 N 117 12.12 W
  Burned Not Burned
Road could be called Lower Crest Dr? All homes on the east side (even number addresses) Cant pick out addresses
Marked 84 "harts"
Yellow house (now red due to flame retardant) Marked "Desire"
Arrowhead Village
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The Arrowhead Village Area is fine.

Cedar Glen
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29647 Hook Creek

29667 Hook Creek

Looking up alder from Bridge Rd.  Jade looks similar  All gone

Top of Loop Dr looking S

Top of Loop Dr looking E

Top of Loop Dr

Top of Loop Dr looking W

Top of Loop Dr looking N

End of hook cr >SW

End of Hook Creek >SE



For this area I am listing only areas that are Not Burned!

    Not Burned
Drove up Lakeview up and around the loop Every house OK
Lilac Everything before and including 266 & 265 and a chevy van that hasn't moved in a long time in front of a burned out house.
Balsam 240 Z Car is OK (4jxw036) in front of a burnt house
179 Fern Ln
Homes closer to Glen Avon, I'll be more detailed later.
Lupin 4 houses gone
Glen Avon Homes have burned.  These are 300,284,289,261,269,299,281,253

This information has been verified by Ranger Al.

Craghill Dr. Long North/South Part Every house OK
Craghill Dr.  Windy Part Road closed.  trees down  looks burnt up the road
Maple 522
Lake Brook/Hemlock Area Every house OK
Pine Dr  - until pavement ends Every house OK
Drove in Hook Creek Last good house was 29624.  First burnt home was at 34 15.21 N, 117 9.42 W. Everything to the East is burned as far as we could see from Pine ridge
Hook Creek
 29388 confirmed gone
29400 ok but trailer gone
Mule ranch ok, but 1st building on left as you approach it is gone
Big grey house near 29656


Alder 299
Green Van OK in front of burned 296
Turned onto Pine ridge Everything Gone up to Acacia
Turned onto Acacia 524
White Oldsmobile (4chn553)
Little bear (I think) 29643 yellow
29637 red
Mecedes OK (4bhf441)
Little bear circle 29543 and the house across from it
Elder 563
One house west of 601
Box Dr. Last house on street stands.  1 of 5 cars survived GPS- 34 15.71 N, 117 9.39 W.
Cypress Gold Jeep Cherokee (4JYB634) sitting unburned in a driveway of a burnt house.  Everything else burned.

Ranger Al stands with the owners of The Malt Shop


Running Springs
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Appears to be no damage at this point.  Fire continues to burn in about a mile south of Running Spring.
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Appears to be no damage at this point.   The fire is coming toward Arrowbear slowly from the Running Springs area.  The weather hopefully will make it slow down so the firemen can stomp it out.
Green Valley Lake
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Appears to be no damage at this point
Big Bear
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Firefighters have made fire breaks to keep the fire from getting too close.
Waterman Canyon
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Only the Fire Station and 8 residences remain above the highway of approximately 50 that were there.  Addresses of those homes will be posted as soon we can, please do not ask.  I will post them when I have them.

For informational purposes only.  Not responsible for any errors or omissions. 








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