Lake Arrowhead in happier times.

Thank you to all the support that we've received.


"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to my father and I last night! Our mountain home was located at 29667 Hook Creek Road. My Grandfather built it in the 40's. It was a special retreat for our family-- filled with so many incredible memories. You were able to confirm our fear that the home was lost. We appreciate all that you are doing to keep us (and all the residents informed). It's better knowing... instead of wondering. God Bless and STAY SAFE,  -The Johnson Family  (Cedar Glen)
"So whatís another E-mail to Superman & Son? I have to thank the two of you for your incredible talent, knowledge, computer skills, concern for others and most of all, your perseverance in getting much needed, accurate information out to your fellow mountain neighbors. I live on Hartman Circle in CPP and was worried about my dogs until you answered my E-mail promising to check on them. I canít begin to thank you enough for all youíve done and Iím sure I speak for all the mountain residents when I say that I am for ever grateful for your efforts. You stand alone as the one site who was there with the information we needed when we needed it and that should not be taken lightly.  My hats off to the two of you.  I sincerely thank you. I'm back in my home with my 3 dogs, all safe and sound!"   -Ed
"I have to say I am impressed.  First, I worked at the Lake Arrowhead Scout Camps (Now called Forest Lawn Scout Camp) 1974 - 77. I now work for Johnson & Johnson in Israel.  Your updates and quality of site, were really amazing.  This is also coming from someone who is leading the e-business environment in the local operating company.  Quality of content, cleanliness, and now with the "migration to fire recovery".  No wonder the hits / visits are high.  Interesting content brings in the visits.  Good luck with the project   -Howard   (Israel)
"Dear Fireupdate Guy-I just have to tell you that you are a super star! You will never know how valuable your web page has been to my family and me as we try to get through this disaster. A million thank you's to you and your dad!" -Beth Little
"Dear Ranger Al, Dacy, Lloyd Stevens, Geoffrey Mohan and the LA Times:  We would like to thank you for making our lives tolerable for the last 9 days. We greatly appreciate your compassion, determination and hard work that has created a community with this website, which has taken on a life of it's own. We just got official word that our house at 537 Cypress, in Cedar Glen burned to the ground.  It was our primary residence from 1993 until 1995.  I lived in my first home, 29649 Hook Creek Rd., and worked at Mountains Community Hospital from 1981 to 1983 .  Warmest Regards"  Lida & Bob (Alta Dena)
"I would like to personally thank you (and Ranger Al) for all your efforts over the last week and for having the great insight that lead to FireUpdate.com. This was an ingenious and courageous accomplishment on your part that touches the lives of so many people in our mountain communities. I for one am very glad you are there and willing!  I would like to address one of the comments from Monday at 9:00 PM. You are noting the remarkable statistics produced by your web site and efforts. However, one of the statistics is disturbing to me. "Emails I received saying that I stink at being a reporter- 15". I find it difficult to understand how anyone could criticize your totally open approach to providing the best information source available to our communities. I feel these 15 people must have either been jealous of your efforts or 15 professional reporters that have nothing better to do. In either case, they should go to the person that dictates what they do and say to find out what to puppet next.  I look forward to FireRecovery.com activities and plan to participate in volunteer efforts as time permits. Thank you again and keep up the great job."  -Gene (Crestline)
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the service you are doing. My ex-husband's family is formerly of Running Springs and my sister-in-law's family is in Crestline. My mom's a block away from the evacuation line in San Bernardino. You've done a lot to quell many, many fears and I think your reporting is of the highest caliber: sincere.  Many heartfelt thanks."   -Kris (Burbank, CA)
"Please send me an address where I can make a contribution. Your web site was/is the most astounding accomplishment I've ever witnessed. You got me home."   -Paula
"Many thanks to you for providing up-to-date and accurate information. We are all frustrated with the media for their scant coverage and bubble-headed reporting. God help us if (when?) we have a major earthquake!  Many heroes have emerged from this disaster. You are among the best!"  -Vickie and Michael (Lake Arrowhead)
"Hi! I just wanted to say that what you have done is wonderful. You cannot imagine the comfort you have given to just my family alone. I grew up in the mountains, and although I no longer live there, my parents do, and so do some friends of mine, and several people I work with. I have spent so much time on your site, more than any of the others, partly because it is so informative, and partly because your kindness and humor come through so well in your writing that your words are a comfort and a joy to read. Your site has been beneficial to so many people, God bless you! It takes a great person to do what you've done. Thank you!"   -Jenny McCune (formerly of Lake Arrowhead)
"Ranger Al and Dacy,  You have done what the media should have done. Many of my friends were evacuated from RS and CL and until we found this site they were heartsick with the endless confusion on all the major media channels. Thank you barely begins to express our gratitude. You are living proof there are truly angels among us."  Scarlette (Riverside)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the report on 563 Elder. I do not now how it survived but we are thankful it did and thankful to you for your diligent reporting. God bless you!!!   -The Chapmans
"I just want to add my thanks to the many you have already received. I found your site over a week ago, and have been checking in frequently to know what was happening. Nowhere on the radio or TV could we get the information we so craved--we have a second home "on the ridge" in Crestline. Yes, I said "have" for Ranger Al has told us that it survived!! Your coverage has been wonderful--thorough and to the point--and ACCURATE (a word that is sadly lacking in most media). Now that I have found you--you are bookmarked!!! Please keep it up--you have provided a service that was
needed. I don't know how many people I told about this site, and they love it too. -Aleta (Oregon)
"Many thanks to the LA Times for allowing Ranger Al (fireupdate.com) to accompany one of your reporters today (Monday 11-3-03).... As A Crestline resident, I have relied heavily upon Ranger Al and fireupdate.com for detailed fire information concerning the Crestline area... "  Thanks guys for the great work.... As A retired Navy Chief, & Viet Nam vet, I was in Saigon during TET 1968, I know first hand how difficult work can be when bureaucrats and their policies get in the way."  James  ETC ret,
"We live in Glendale and have a vacation home in Crestline and you have been a godsend for us in providing up to the minute information.  We really appreciate you and what you have done for all of us."  -Pat and Jill
"To our  ANGEL OF THE MTS. Thank you so much for your all your unselfish efforts to keep us all informed and feeling that we have really been a part of our own tragedy. You could really teach kcal 9 a thing or two! I have a home in Running Springs not (River Springs) as they referred to it as ,'also they reported us being off the 38 instead of the 18 and when I called to correct them they were very very rude' my point being you have been a God sent and thanks so much to you and your very special family for lending you to us during this stressful time. GOD BLESS YOU!   - Nancy (Running Springs and so very proud of it)
"To Ranger Al: Thank you. Your postings were our window to the Old Fire - our cabin in GVL appears to be ok. We are thankful for that. We may never meet you, or the thousands of firefighters that gave so much of themselves - we are grateful and are reminded of our Brotherhood. Again, Thanks." -Rich and Roz
"Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.  Your website is the best.  I saw a lot of bad reporting on the TV and some of the other wanna be fire info sites but yours was the most accurate and the quickest with the info, keeping accuracy at the utmost of importance.  You were a big help to all of my family while we were down the hill watching, waiting and fretting.  My son in law is a paramedic/firefighter and he was on the fire from start to finish.  He is our hero as are all the other personnel that helped.  You and you dad and supportive family are truly heroes as well and an asset to this community.  Thank you again" -Eddy & family."
"You had the ONLY useful info on the "Old fire".....thank you from an evacuee!  The newspapers and TV covered it like an event for people not involved or affected....we, on the mountain were desperate for real news.  Bless you all."
"To Dacy and Ranger Al.  Yes you were correct, our cabin on hook creek road burnt to the ground.
It's a source of great sadness for our family as it was a source of great pleasure during all the years we had it. Now I just want to thank you very much for all your efforts on behalf of so many. I would like to contribute a little to your expenses as I'm certain you had excessive charges on your cell phones. If you can e-mail me a name and address, I can get a check into the mail.  Thanks again, not only to you but to the members of your family who also gave their support."   -Helen (Ogden, Utah)
"There are no words to express the sheer gratitude we feel for you and your dad for the enormous task that you took on to help out your unknown admirerers.  I have already written to your wife to thank her as well.  There are so many people that are not in a position to thank you as they have lost everything, so please let my voice speak for theirs.  I will not make this long as you have so much e-mail, but please know this. . . you have touched our lives in a way none of us ever thought possible and have made a difference.  YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED. . . ."  -Lynne
"Dear Ranger Al and Dacy: I found your Web site on www.calmast.org on Saturday, November 1, 2003 after not being able to get any information on our address. We understood that everyone was busy with the fires and thought we would just have to wait until the time when the highways were open and we could drive up. I hated to bother Dacy who was already so busy but we were very worried and sent a quick e-mail asking about our address.  Dacy replied within an hour and said we were ok but that many of our Skyland neighbors had lost their homes. We were greatly relieved but still knew we would have to see our cabin with our own eyes. Thank you Dacy, for making the next five days easier on us as we continued to watch the TV news accounts with no information about Skyland.  We opened your Web site several times every day to keep up to date, and finally drove up on Wednesday, November 5. We drove up the back way on Highway 138 by Silverwood Lake and were alarmed to see how the fire had come so far. By the time we reached Old Town everything looked the same except for the detours. The whole way to Skyland everything looked just like it always looked, all the way to our cabin.  We found a neighbor who had just arrived and we were so glad our homes had been saved.  Before leaving we drove along Skyland Drive for a short way but turned back when we saw the burned homes. Residents were present and it was very sad. We returned on Highway 138 and hope to return on Highway 18 very soon. Thank you again"  -Burt and Susan
"I currently live in Northern Indiana but have all my family in southern CA. Parents in Yucaipa, aunt in upland, sister in Simi/ Moorepark, uncle in Valley center san diego and grew up in the san bernadino Mnts in Barton Flats area.  so you can see how important the kind of info you were giving out was.  Out here fire news was slim at best.  when I was out there in CA last march I went to the Mtns and saw the devastation by the bark beetle and cried.  Thank you for your continuing efforts to assist and inform the public.  you are a hero"  Karen (Milford. IN)
"If it hadn't been for Ranger Al....well, I can't decide if I want to marry him or just nominate him for President.....Anyway, as a Crestliner all I can say is 'THANKS". When the media were making up stories and I was told my house burned down several times (it didn't) your website kept me sane.   Possibly we could rename Crestline after you ....Nottingham Lake?"  -Judy (Crestline)
I have been following your website every hour of everyday since you started.  What a GREAT SITE. I wonder if you will ever put a picture of Ranger Al and yourself on your site so that we may put the faces to the site.  - Jackie   (Rialto)
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in getting photos for me of our old home, and those of others I knew. It is so sad to me, to see them gone, but I had to know. I am going to try to drive up there next weekend if I can, to see for myself. I just am in disbelief over it all. Knowing how devastated I am, I can't even imagine the devastation of those who still lived in those homes. For me, it is only memories, which I will always have anyway.
Thank you so much."  -Barbara
"My husband and I work as fire tower volunteers at Strawberry Peak FT. I checked your site several times a day for info. during the fires. (We also had the Grand Prix fire above us.) I have a request for you, and that is when the info on fireupdate and firerecovery is no longer needed, you PRESERVE the sites in some format as an important historical account of the fire, and the recovery events. I firmly believe your daily accounts will be just as important or more important when future generations are searching libraries for written information on these fires."  -Karen (Upland, CA)
"I can't say enough about all you nice folks.  I already knew the people in Crestline were nice (hey, my kids have lived there 20 years!), but this display was awesome! I don't understand the reason for authorities ostracizing Big Al from the mountain.  I thought he was doing a super job allaying everyone's fears." - Joy
"Just wanted to say thank you for all your work.  I wanted to know the exact status of my cabin in Crestline, but figured any info I got was variable based on how the fires moved with the winds and so I'd have to wait until the all clear in any case.  So I controlled myself and didn't add to your email mountain.  And really, I didn't need to email.  I got all the information I needed just by reading your site.  In fact, I had several friends calling me for updates, which of course I had because I followed your site.  They all thanked me and I told them all how to find your site and gave you all the credit".  -Dolce (Crestline)
"In my view, you and your website (and Ranger Al of course!) have secured a little place in (media) history for yourself."   -John
"Ranger Al,  Thank you so much for the diligent service.  We live at 829 Mozumdar in Cedarpines Park.  Every item we read said we were burned down except your report.  You Said  829 did not burn.  That gave us a window of hope...You were right.  Thank you for that hope which became reality. Our home was in perfect order.  I hope you get the recognition you so deserve;  Not to mention the full nights sleep you must need. Thank you"   -Bob And Lorraine
"I just wanted to let you know how much we REALLY appreciate this site! We live in Twin Peaks and left the hill last Saturday night. Until I found fireupdate.com, we were dependent on local TV news for updates. They were great, but didn't have detail info about specific areas like you do. I will continue to visit several times a day until everything is over.  Our deepest thanks! Keep up the great work!"  -Dave and Mimi (Twin Peaks)
"Dacy and Ranger Al; Your update service was far superior than that of the media! So many thanks to
you professionals for keeping us well informed. Many Thanks"  -Alan & Paula Reilly (Florida)
"Thank you so much. I can't believe the obstructions you are getting. You were the only place we could learn that our property was ok. Bureaucracy stinks." -Gloria Short
"Thanks for all of the info we read from you. You are more current than anyone else, newspapers and media. We evacuated L.A. and are in San Diego east county where the other fire was. We both lived here for 25+ years before moving to L.A. 8/02.  We hope to get back home soon to our lovely mtn home. Just wanted you to know we appreciate you!!!!"  -Frank and Mingrid

"Thanks for a job well done to Ranger Al and his son.  Your site is so helpful in relieving our anxieties.  My daughter and her husband have a home on Thunderbird Road, Lake Arrowhead, and until we read your reports we did not know that the area was safe.  Keep Safe"   -Marlene, Lisa and Graeme

"We have read MANY websites and yours is by far the most up-to-date and specific. We have a house in Lake Arrowhead and have been watching for updates throughout the week. Yours is even more up-to-date than the "official" web sites. Our prayers are with your family and with all of those working for our good on the mountain. God bless each of you."  -Denise.
"Ranger Al, After a solid week of inaccurate and irrelevant fire info from network news, I discovered your website only today. Thank you for all the info you are giving us . You are doing a great service to us mountain folks."  -Adare Crestline
"Thanks for the rapid reply.  I am out of state and used to live in Apple Valley.  Yours seems to be the only one out there.  It is so nice that you are doing this on a one-to-one level.  It is hard to get really good reports and people in the Midwest cannot even envision a mountain and how completely frightening this is." -Aileen
"You have done a huge and wonderful job on your posts and trying to tell any one and every one what you can.....my compliments." -Denise (Kansas)
"God bless you guys - we live down the mountain in San Diego (and narrowly missed being a statistic of the Cedar Fire!) and have been worried sick about our cabin in Big Bear without being able to get any decent updates on the progress of the Old Fire from the traditional media sources.  Finding your site has provided us with much-desired/needed info.  Keep up the great work and tell Ranger Al to stay safe!"  -The Murrays  (Poway)
"Thank you so much for this bit of information. It means more than you could ever know just to get this little bit of news. Our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes and property and I believe thus far that our prayers are being answered. You and AL are providing us with a service like no others have. We all should get together and thank you unanimously." -Linda
"Your site is the most up-to-date and most informative I was able to find.  If there is a parade for all the police and firefighters, and there SHOULD BE, you and your dad should also be honored in it.  You have truly been a blessing throughout all of this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"  -Shad
"Unbelievably good website and so reassuring to those of us with family homes in the area.  (Ours is Arrowbear which we wrote off twice, but miraculously it came through.)  Kudos to Ranger Al.   Our best to all and heartfelt thank yous"  -Patricia (Walla Walla)
"I would like to personally thank you for the hard work and effort you have committed to updating residents of the mountain communities about the status of the Old Fire. The media reports that kept them in a perpetual state of anxiety were many times false and bordered on sensationalism. I would like to know what purpose besides the obvious one of keeping people glued to their channel that this fear-mongering served. As far as I am concerned, you were the only "real press" on the mountain during this trying time." - Eric
"We Americans and citizens of the USA appreciate all you have done for us."  -Robin (Las Vegas, NV)
"We know you have devoted hours to this, and now days.  It is our sincere hope that the valley will find some way to express our appreciation to you for our personal awareness, as well as finding information about family and friends affected by the other fires as well."  Nan (BBC)
"Just wanted to tell you that your website has made all the difference to our peace of mind. While news agencies have done their best to report, it has often seemed vague or even contradictory at times.  Thanks so very much for your dedication to the welfare of others. As educators and home owners in Lake Arrowhead, my wife and I are particularly grateful to all the tremendous efforts made on our community's behalf.  A special thanks for your tenacity and great-heartedness."  -Richard and Louanne (Redlands/Lake Arrowhead)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your web site and diligent reporting!! I have been glued to the computer for days!  I live at 563 Elder in Cedar Glen, which you are reporting at not burned.  -Thank you!" The Chapmans
"Hello, Your site is extremely well done, easy to use & helpful!  We would like to link your site for our viewers information, 'other' sites are far to cumbersome where yours is easy to navigate and the information is right there.  Thank you for such a great job."  The Web Team -- webmaster@kvcr.org
"I just want to thank you for the updates and all of the important information you are providing not only to the victim of the fires, but us loved ones worried about our families. My brother's home is in Running Springs and we feel as if we have been blessed with a miracle. My heart and prayers go to the victims and, of course, the firefighters.  Thank you"
-Susan (Salt Lake City, Utah)
"We should re-name...  Lake Gregory to Lake Ranger Al or  Big Bear Lake to Big Ranger Al Lake.  Thank you from all of us!"  -Cynthia
"I think that you are doing a great job.  I live in the east coast but am from Big Bear.  The news out here sucks and your site is great for finding out quality info.  Keep up the good work, I'm sure this is helping people closer to the fire.
Thanks"  -Patrick (Portsmouth, NH)
"This site is SUCH a FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!!  Thank you so very much for keeping this site as up-to-date as you have been able to do."  -Mark
"Dacy and Ranger Al,  What a wonderful website you have! I have enjoyed the humor along with the updates.
It truly brought tears to my eyes when I read your mail earlier this morning that said "your home is safe".  -Dana (Escrow Manager)
"My kids have a cabin at Running Springs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful job you've done keeping everyone informed.  My thanks is insignificant compared to the thanks that you have from all those who live on the mountain.  You are one fine human being and a fine example of what a neighbor is."  -Nancy
"Is there any chance we could use your map? It is wonderful." Michelle (News Editor nbc4)
"Ranger Al - Thanks so much for the info just posted on the Skyland area. You are doing such a wonderful service for all the mountain evacuees. Our house is on the point of Jupiter Way and was very close to those that burned on Saturn and so may have damage but at least it's still there."  -Jackie (Crestline)
"Thanks for the information. The best source anywhere. Keep it up.  God Bless You"   -Tim
"I just wanted to give you and Ranger Al "props" for the incredible job you guys are doing with this site.  I no longer live on the mountain but my dad still lives in Crestline (a current evacuee) and the info I'm able to pass on from your site is great. Hell of a job!!"   -GT
"Thank You, Thank You, Thank you:  We can't express enough our relief on your report on Arrowhead Villa Road and Kuffel Canyon Road. Our gratitude goes out to all the firecrews and support personnel in their efforts, and to you for keeping us informed. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet in person, and dinner is on us, it's the least we can do."  -Joe (Lake Arrowhead)
"A brief note of appreciation from the state of Maine.  I'm an ex-Californio, now 25+ years returned to my Maine ancestral roots (there's about 30 million less people in Maine than my native state).   My family owned a cabin in CPP from 1937 to 1975, and the mountains are still a very big part of me - it's where I grew up.  It's been so hard to find accurate information about this fire & you've done a great job keeping everyone informed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."     -George Fowler (Maine)
"Thank you Ranger Al for your hard work on the site and doing your duties beyond the call.  One of these days i will personally thank you!"  -Vince (Crestline)
"I don't know who you are and you don't need to reply to this, but wanted to say THANK YOU for all the information, which has been coveted for several days! You are doing an awesome job! My parents are evacuee's and are naturally concerned about their home...you have helped."  -Jane Rupp
"You are a fabulous person to do this!!!  Thank you and bless you" -Karen (GVL)
"Your site is amazing.  I think you have done a super-human job in putting this together. Thank you." -Joanna
"Thanks for all your hard work and, of course, Ranger Al's as well. You guys deserve a medal along with everyone of those incredibly brave and tenacious firefighters.  Thanks again."  Larry and Rosie  (Lake Arrowhead)
"Ranger Al,  You are the most amazing person!!  Although our family homes are among the lucky ones that was spared, I felt compelled to write and express our deepest gratitude to you for the unending effort you have put in to keep people informed.  You are an angel, and this will not be forgotten...  With deepest thanks"  -Johnson family (Crestline residents for 60 years)

"Thank you for your excellent reporting. You put the TV networks to shame, and this includes their websites. Hope to meet you one day in Crestline, Iím buying the beer. It has been tense and you have given people the ability to sleep again.  Thanks"   -Richard

Dacy and Ranger Al,  What a wonderful website you have! I have enjoyed the humor along with the updates.
It truly brought tears to my eyes when I read your mail earlier this morning that said "your home is safe". Thank you from the bottom of my heart........ -Dana (Crestline)
"Dear Mr. Fireupdate man, you are amazing! I've been so worried about my good friends home in the Running Springs area and the local news is covering mostly Big Bear and Arrowhead. Your detail is so reassuring and you're truly a blessing. You have earned some major karma points!! Please keep up the good work."  -Kathleen (Edwards AFB)
"its RANGER AL that I need to thank, who has been tirelessly driving all over the mountain and then posting to this site.  Thank you so much Ranger Al.....and God Bless you."  -Renee (Arrowhead resident in my heart)
"Hi...found this site earlier in the week, can't tell you what a comfort it has been.  I used to live in Lake Arrowhead,  and still hope to move back when my husband retires.  I have always had a special place in my heart for this wonderful place, and it has been torture not knowing what was happening.  News here in Arizona is spotty at best, and not always accurate.
Thank you!!  Thank you!!  Keep up your tireless and worthwhile work!!  Setting people's hearts and minds at ease is very important.  -Renee (Arizona)
Hi,  I want to tell you that your site is also being viewed by folks on the east coast.  Coverage of west coast events is always minimal here and consists of puffed up versions of 'there is a fire in California' and 'it is unpleasant and unhappy for some folks'.  Your coverage is quite good and it allows we east coasters to follow what is happening.  
I wish you the best, our thoughts are with you.   -Jeanette (Massachusetts)
"Thanks for having a more useful and helpful site than ANY of the government or press sites."  -Trevor
"Most information and updated map that I have seen in 24 hours. Thank you."  -Bianca (Big Bear Lake)
"Good Morning Ranger Al!  What a wonderful service you are providing - giving some the great needed peace of mind wondering what's happening to their homes...."  -Andy, Megan and Chris (and Johann the dog)
" Thank you for the information. I heard about you on the message board at rimoftheworld.net You have a very informative site. It is relieving so much stress from so many people.  THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU"  -Gary
"Thank you Ranger Al for giving us what we so desperately need -- NEWS!
You are truly a Godsend.  Keep up the good work,"  Denise and Dan  (cabin owners)
"All I Can Say is Thank You.  Thank you."  -Victoria
"Your web site is amazing."  -Ellen

"Gentlemen: This is a wonderful site. Iíve found more information than anywhere else in just a few minutes."  -Larry

"Thank you for taking the time out of your personal life to provide us with the detailed information that you have provided. I bet this website to many is a god send and I just cant say thank you enough."  -Leslie
"Thank you so much. The map is what we need for we are concerned about the Seven Oaks area. Updated maps are almost never on TV. So, the progress of the fire toward the east is our main interest.  We will be making a donation to you."  -Don
"Your service is not just valuable to the locals.  I am an educational consultant with kids placed at the Cedu Middle school.  Yours is the only detailed info I am getting back east about where the fire actually is going and threatening.  Thanks. (I do know the kids are safe -- I get that from Cedu management -- they have been evacuated to Pomona."  -Tom
"Thank you sooooooooo much for all you have done to keep us informed.  your site is amazingly comprehensive. I found it yesterday and have forwarded the link to many folks in my immediate and "horse internet family" (scattered across the nation with many in California who cannot find good information locally) ...i included a request for them to peruse every page and also to help support your efforts with donations...  thanks a million for your dedication!!!"
-Suzi  (Virginia)
"Your website is heaven sent!  My girlfriend and her family have been in a hotel since the evacuations started and we have been having a hard time getting GOOD information until we found your website. Keep up the GREAT work! Also do you have any news on Arrowbear? If so could you post it on the website?  THANK YOU AGAIN!"  -Rae
"Your site is extremely well done, easy to use & helpful!  We would like to link your site for our viewers information. Yours is easy to navigate and the information is right there.  Thank you for such a great job."  -The Web Team (California Radio Station)
"As the son of parents that live near Peninsula and North Bay in LA, your team and those over at rimoftheworld.net are our only reliable sources of locally knowledgeable information.  Thank you for your sacrifices.  Keep up the great work.  It looks like maybe it only gets better from here."  -Mark (Sacramento)
"You are doing a great job!!!!"   - Sherri
"You are the first hope we've had for info. Network news is ridiculous and websites don't get updated. Thank you, thank you for your efforts.  I hope you got some rest last night, seems you are working so hard on our behalf and it is so appreciated!   Bless you!"  - Kathy
"Ranger Al and Family,    Thanks for keeping us informed!  We have appreciated news from the inside.  We are glad that you are safe and well.  Your website is very informative; and has sure put my mind at rest after hearing many rumors that are worse than the reality.   If I had known about your website earlier I would have saved you a few of those late phone calls.  Well, sure appreciate your care and concern. Take Care.   -Aurora
"Thanks for the good news regarding Thousand Pines!  Your site was  briefly mentioned on channel 4 NBC fire coverage.  Have been quite impressed with your site and information. News channels often fall short of specific information of fire location. Lots of dramatic shots of helicopters of a single structure burning but lacking on fire location, direction and communities in it is headed for.  I do realize it is difficult for them as outsiders who are not familiar with the area.  As I mentioned in a prior e-mail we have several relatives, friend and business acquaintances on the mountain top and we really appreciate your updates.  In fact your site is being utilized by concerned family members from Orange County California to York Pennsylvania!  Thanks again!!"  -Leroy
"thank you, thank you, thank you!"  -Alyx
"I just wanted to let you know that I made a small donation. I wanted to say thank you for the effort you are making to keep people informed.  One of the hardest things we've endured is being unable to get accurate information about what was happening down there. We're on the California side of the Oregon border on the coast and couldn't be there to find out for ourselves what was happening. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to try to ease peoples minds. God Bless you and yours." -Angie and family
"Thanks much!  I found your site link by luck. I've been searching the web all day and yours was the only one that seemed to have any current info.  Thanks again!"  -Kim
"Dear Ranger Al, Thank you, thank you.  We were having such a hard time getting info on the fire in the mountains and were concerned about Big Bear especially. What great work you're doing. We made a donation.
Stay safe."  -Amy & Tom (San Diego)
"Thank you so much for replying so fast. You are doing a wonderful job!!  My mother is a hairdresser in Crestline. One of her clients told her about your site." -Tarri
"Thank you for all your efforts in updating us on the status of the mountain communities. As is everyone that lives there, my parents are extremely concerned about their home and the mountains. They have lived there for 40 years. Home is where the heart is and needless to say that's where their hearts are.

Thank you again for the detailed updates."  - Diane
"My sentiments to those of you that have endured these past few days wondering and worrying if the fire was going to consume your home.  I've been watching the news and reading the newspapers about the fire and concerned about the wonderful community of Forest Falls, CA.  I lived there a number of years ago and have a special place in my heart for it.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience.  My prayers to you for keeping us informed and my prayers go to the everyone that has been affected by these awful events.  God Bless all of you!"  -Susan (Kansas)
"Just wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful and important job you are providing. I was beside myself watching the news on TV out east and was going crazy until I found your website along with Rimoftheworld.net. Them together, I am able to at least get some peace of mind and some real info, if that is possible.  Keep up the good and faithful work and I pray that our good Lord continues to give you stamina. Good information is important as well as good fire crews. You will be an unsung hero when all this is done, but I appreciate. Thanks again."  -Kathe (New York)
"Thank you for this site.  Itís the most informative site I have found that gives us all a better idea as to where the fires are really located.  The media is trying to do their best and the mountain roads are very confusing to them Iím sure. " - Leslie
"Thank you for your committed and hard work keeping us displaced folks informed on this disaster" - Lorrie
"Thanks for the great website.  we are vacation home owners in L.A. and this helped us a great deal."  -Sue Rickard
"Hello, I really appreciate the e-mail. You are doing a great job. My family and I are in Arizona right now and there is not much news here. Thanks"  -Hannah (Lake Arrowhead)
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do.  My brother and his family live in Running Springs and I was frantic for information.  Your website is awesome and so is your giving nature.  You've done so much for so many.   Thank you, thank you, thank you"   -Grace   (SF Bay area)

"Al, I wish I could hug you over email, thank you so much for letting me know and letting me know so quickly."   -Katie kraynak (Lake Arrowhead)

 "Thank you very much for the information. You guys are doing a great job" -Chris
"God Bless you Ranger Al!"  -Chris
"Just found your site from a friend...Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It is really appreciated...please be careful out there."  stan/bren
"I use to live in Lake Arrowhead and have many friends still on the mountain. We now live in San Antonio TX and the news I get is on FoxNews or CNN and that isn't enough for me. I am so thankful for your site. It has helped me and I'm grateful to you. Thanks again" -Sue Lucas (Texas)
"Thank you thank you so much , my manager at the office heard about the web site on the radio on her way back to her house down in Huntington beach.   You're the only source for us and I'm sure for hundreds of thousands of people. One word makes a difference between life and death here, and I have no words to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  - Manal
"This is the most complete and up to date site I have seen. You are doing an excellent job. Please stay safe."  -Rich (Lake Arrowhead)
"Ranger Al, just want to say thank you for your website, and keeping people who care informed. I grew up in the mountains, my father was a ranger on the Arrowhead district up till 1975-76 when he went up to Northern CA. I graduated Rim of the World in 1977. I live in Florida now, but that mountain is still my home and will always be my home. Hate to see what is going on.  Keep up the great work, may we all pray for cooler weather, some humidity, and more FireFighters." -Jeanette Schaufler
"Outstanding web site! Thank you so much" -Ronni
"Thank you so very much for this website!  It is wonderful!  I too am glad Dave's is still there because I need a tune up bad!"  - Linda (Twin Peaks)
"I got your message and can't THANK YOU enough for the information. I am so glad the waiting is over. I can't wait to get up to help."  - Sandy (Crestline)
"Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for having this site.   My family has owned (for over 20 years) a well used and greatly loved place in Twin Peaks.  This week has been so hard because until mid-week, news report were too high level to be able to tell how we were directly affected.  Your site brought a sense of comfort from at least knowing in more detail what was actually happening in our little neck of the forest so to speak.  
For now, we look like we are going to be okay unless the patterns decide otherwise, thank God.  Of course, we are completely saddened for those who lost property and even more so, their loved ones.  God Bless our firefighters!!!  You guys and girls ROCK!  Thanks."   Karen
Hello Ranger Al,  My name is Renee and I am working at the Rialto EOC on the fires. Several of us came upon your website and just wanted to tell you we were impressed with your pictures and informative information. Keep up the good work, but please stay safe.    -Renee (San Bernardino County Fire Department)
"Hello Dacy & Ranger Al,  Thank you so very much for your time. Let Ranger Al know his bravery is much appreciated.  Thanks"   -Jon`paul & Mike 
"Thank you thank you thank you for the web site - you are the only good info I've got."  -Jennifer (Running Springs)
"Hey Dacy, My class was forced to stay in at recess today because of the smoke, so I got on your site and did a lesson about fire protection and safety. The students thought the pictures were "tight!" It was a great learning experience and the students were able to understand why they had to stay inside. Thanks!"  -David (Lancaster)
"Dacy-- the website has be invaluable to those of us removed from the situation in the mountains.  If it weren't for the information I have retrieved from the website, I'd be completely beside myself with worry.  Thank You."    -Amy (Sacramento, Ca)
"Heard you on the news radio tonight. Thanks so much, hope we can buy you lunch at the Alpine Deli when the roads open so we can get back up there. Bless you"    -Jim (Blue Jay)
"Dear Ranger Al,  Thank you so very much for your website.  My husband and I have (had?) a home in Lake Arrowhead (Orchard Bay), and are really having difficulty getting accurate information from the news media.  We were not as brave as you and evacuated down to Los Angeles, but I'm praying all is well on the hill.  This troubles me so greatly that our special communities may not be here tomorrow.  Ok, enough getting of the subject, I just wanted to say thanks for the web site!"   -Julie (Lake Arrowhead)
"While other resources about the fire have been vague and general yours is very informative.  Thanks you for supplying those of us who need the info"    -Ginga and Chip (Green Valley Lake)
"Awesome site!  Thank you so much for doing it. It really helps to know what is REALLY going on. I would recommend this site to everyone!"   -Lenny (Redlands)
"Great web site!!  Really put together well and the information is wonderful as well as useful.  We are praying for the mountain community and the firemen, police and others who are working the fire." -Leroy (State Farm Insurance Agent)
"Thank you sooooooooooo much. Hopefully we can get a decent nights sleep. Hope you get some sleep too....will appreciate any updates if conditions around Blue Jay become dicey... Thanks again"    -Jim and Judy
"Just a note to say "Thank You" for your valuable information.  Although I moved down from Running Springs 7 years ago the area will always be home.  thanks again and be careful"  -bj
"Hi. Great website. I am impressed. "  - R. Somers (Crestline)
"Thank you for even considering helping us.  The most important thing is that you are safe and others still up there are safe.  We will hope for the best, of course and keep you and your neighbors all in our thoughts and prayers. This doesn't look like it will be over very soon.  Take care!"  -Chip (Green Valley Lake)

"Thank you SO much for the web updates!!   If you are in the area, could you please check the status of our cabin on Woodland Circle "  -Pat (Redlands)

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for all the timely updates. God bless and keep you and your property safe.  We will be making a donation to the website via the Paypal --- wish to help with the costs of maintaining the service. Or is there a better place to send the money?"  -Judy  (property owner, North Bay Road, Lake Arrowhead on Blue Jay Bay)
"Thank you so much Dacy! You are my new hero!"  - Lynne (Lake Arrowhead)



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